Terrace's interiors practice, Vital Design, Ltd., was founded in 1997 and is one of the premier eco-friendly designs. A graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, Terrace is guided by traditional design principles, infused with her passion for sustainable, responsible materials and systems. Her style is pure and organic, advocating a clutter-free, stress-free home that appeals to all the senses. "I love showing people that they do not need to sacrifice luxury or beauty to be environmentally mindful," she says.

More than just a decorator of physical space, Terrace is about creating rooms that enhance her clients' emotional lives. Seamlessly blending authentic eco-healthy design practices with energy modalities such as feng shui, Cheryl understands the variables that contribute to making a healthy home. Surrounding clients with things that make them happy and that are good for them as well involves selecting non-toxic materials; incorporating live plants, music, and scent; and ridding spaces of clutter. Terrace says every project is about listening to her client's unique needs in order to create spaces that work for them.

Known for eschewing superficial, status-oriented style, Cheryl's 20 year design experience is "human and earth-friendly," and has been featured on Planet Green's "Simply Green with Danny Seo" and in magazines including Interior Design, Traditional Home, Westchester Home, New York Living, Natural Home, Domino, and Sustainable Residential Interiors. She's also a self-described "yoga addict" who says, "Although this business can be stressful, I am blissed out instead of stressed out." "Good design can improve your quality of life," she advocates, explaining her belief that people and nature are all interconnected. "By designing thoughtfully, we honor the sacred connection between people and our planet."