Vital Design takes the concept of home to a higher level by incorporating a holistic mindset into the entire design process. Cheryl Terrace believes your home is a reflection of your body, mind and spirit and should be a place where authentic beauty and consciousness go hand in hand. Cheryl's signature brand of mindful design goes well beyond 'green' to create homes that are the essence of eco-elegant living. As Terrace explains of both her company and her philosophy, "Vital Design combines healthy design practices along with the understanding that home is where the soul is nurtured."

Vital Design offers expertise in every area of home design services; from selecting the best paint color to a complete renovation or new construction, inclusive of all economic levels and styles. Environmentally sound principles form the basis of every project.
Vital's established design history provides a wealth of abundant resources of organic, pure, sustainable, and fair trade materials along with the latest in air and water purification technologies. The result is a non-toxic living environment that offers optimal health benefits.

Cheryl's brings a high level of integrity, sensitivity and understanding to every project. Her good natured and casual approach puts people at ease. She believes the most successful spaces reveal the inhabitant's personality and values (not the designers). "I act as a conduit to help one feel confident in his or her ability to create their own unique beautiful haven," she explains. This new level of authentic home experience is the essence of Vital Design.